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  • All product are made out of recycled PLA or recyled PETG. 

  • PLA :Polylactic acid is a bioderived plastic. Our materials original source is cornstarch. While PLA can be broken down at the end of life, it does not naturally decompose at speed without industrial composting assistance. That way, by taking PLA food packaging and making recycled PLA filament, we’re extending it’s life by another cycle. 

  • PETG: Over 359 million tonnes of virgin plastic was produced globally in 2019 but only 18% of this material is recycled. This material has an average life cycle of less than one year but it lives on for centuries, polluting our natural habitats and consequently, our food supply. As the 3D printing industry rapidly expands each year, the materials market is becoming a significant contributor to the production of new virgin plastic and plastic pollution. The r-PETG filament where I print with is derived from a consistent stream of thermoformed, medical tray waste that are recycled in Flevoland before arriving at a facility in North Amsterdam where extrusion takes place. 1 kg of rPETG contains an equivalent of 79 plastic bottles. 

  • All chains, locks, earposts,... are fabricated in silver (925 Sterling Silver or goldplated Silver) 


  • Store jewelry that you are not wearing in a dark, dry location, preferably inside the provided jewelry box. This box is made to prevent tarnishing (darkening) of the silver jewelry parts. 

  • In general it’s recommended to keep your jewelry away from water and cleaning products etc.

  • In general it is recommended to clean your jewelry with a dry, soft cloth or a damp cloth if dirty. Do not use a polishing cloth. 

  • I highly recommend wearing the earring backs provided with all earring purchases. 

  • Be carefull with your  jewelry.  Pleace threat your items with utmost care. Put your jewelry on above a soft surface, so in case it unintentionally slips of, it doesn't brake or get dammaged. 

  • The pots can just be cleaned with a dry cloth or a swiffer duster, the pots are not water tight, you can put plants inside the planting pots, but don't store flowers in it.

  • PLA en PETG are not food safe, so these products are not safe to store products for consumption.


The process I use for creating all my objects is called 3D filament printing.
First I design the model by creating a 3D model using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This model serves as the blueprint for the physical object. 

Once this model is ready, I use slicing software to slice the model into thin horizontal layers. 
After that I choose the appropriate filament based on the projects requirements (I mostly print with recycled PLA or recyled PETG). The filament is loaded in to the printer, printing is done by what is called a nozzle. The filament is heated and melted, the molten filament is printed by the nozzle in layers on a heated bed. The object is then printed layer by layer, gradually building up the objects shape. 
As each layer is deposited, it quickly cools and solidifies, bonding with the previous layer. 

3D printing is not as easy as it sounds, each step in the process contributes tot the final quality, strength and appearence of the printed object. 


I'm open to make custom work, this can be original pieces or just some adjustement to the existing collections. It can be jewerly, art or practical 3D printed objects. Just contact me and we will discuss what you have in mind. 


Are you interested in selling my products at your store? Contact me and I will soon get in touch with you! 


Is your questions not answered? Don't hesitate to contact me, there are no wrong questions! 


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