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  • All jewelry is made out of metal and enamel. The metal can be copper, silver, gold plated silver or steel. The materials are mentioned in the discription of every item. 

  • Enamel is several layers of glass over copper, steel or silver. Enamel is fragile and can ship, crack, or brake like any other glass item. Please threat all jewelry with the utmost care as each piece is unique. 

  • Part of the jewelry can be oxidised metal, to give it a darker, industrial look.

  • All chains, locks, earposts,... are fabricated in silver (925 Sterling Silver or Argentium Silver). 


  • Store jewelry that you are not wearing in a dark, dry location, preferably inside the provided jewelry box. This box is made to prevent tarnishing (darkening) of the silver jewelry parts. 

  • In general it’s recommended to keep your jewelry away from water and cleaning products etc.

  • In general it is recommended to clean your enamel jewelry with a dry, soft cloth or a damp cloth if dirty. Do not use a polishing cloth. Matte silver parts can be cleaned with the provided sanding pad. Do not use this on gold plated silver. 

  • I highly recommend wearing the earring backs provided with all earring purchases. 

  • Be carefull with your enameled jewelry, enamel is glass and fragil like any other glass item. So please threat your items with utmost care. Put your jewelry on above a soft surface, so in case it unintentionally slips of, it doesn't brake or get dammaged. 


Enameling is a process of fusing powdered glass to copper, silver or steel by way of heat. Each enameled item takes careful planning and through preparation, color selection, enamel sifting, firing in the kiln,... to achieve the desired look. 

I use Thompson's lead free vitreous enamels in powder and liquid form. All items have a backing of counter enamel which helps prevent breakage and distortion. I use copper, silver or steel as a base for the enamels, which metal is used is always noted in the items prescription. All metal is cut, filed, sanded, drilled and cleaned by hand before aplying the enamel. Once the enamel is sifted, I heat it in my kiln until a temperature of roughly 750°C (varies with the colour). After this several other rounds of sanding and cleaning are required to fuse different layers of enamel. I also use the method of under or over firing to add textural elements to the pieces. The enameling process can take a long time depending on the amount of work. 

All jewelry is made by hand in my own studio, therefore every item is unique and might slightly differ from the picture.  

If you by an item with me, you know where it comes from and who made it. Every item is fabricated with the utmost care and takes hours of preparation and handwork. 

It is not a massproduced item, but a jewelry piece created with all my love and passion. 


I am not currently accepting custom work at this time as I to continue to follow my inner mentor and make the pieces that reflect where I'm at in my own artistic/life journey. If this would change in the future, I will announce it in my mailings and on social media. 

If you would like to have  minor changes to any of the jewelry in the gallery (for example have the necklace longer), feel free to  ask me about this. I will happily discuss the options with you.


Are you interested in selling my products at your store? Contact me and I will soon get in touch with you! 


Is your questions not answered? Don't hesitate to contact me, there are no wrong questions! 



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