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(n) sunlight filtering through trees 

Explore the enchanting world of Komorebi, my collection inspired by the Japanese term for "sunlight filtering through trees". 
Each creation within this collection, from my elegant light objects to the decorative pots and planters has been meticulously designed to capture the magic of light transformation. 

Bring a touch of recycled beauty into your space with the Komorebi collection - where innovative 3D printing technology and sustainability converge to create a unique atmosphere that embraces the power of sunlight. The filament I use to print these object is recylced PETG. It consist for 95% out of recycled water bottles, the other 5% are collorants and additives to make it possible to 3D print. For 1kg of filament we repurpose the equivalent of 79 plastic bottles. 

The unique aesthetic of Komorebi comes to life through the use of recycled translucent PETG, precisely 3D-printed with care. This technique imparts a special quality to our objects: the ability to filter or reflect light in an enchanting way. 

Discover a subtle interplay of shadow and light as sunbeams dancing through trees, represented in each piece of the Komorebi collection. 

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