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About Kara Kerkhofs Jewels

Kara Kerkhofs Jewels stands for fun, unique, geometric and colourful jewelry.

It's all about expressing who you are, about being unique, a bold pop of colour in a black and white world. 

In my CELEBRATE collection I mix the ancient technique of enameling with contemporary, geometric designs. 

Enameling is a proces whereby powdered glass is fused to a metal base by firing. 
Because of this method, every piece will be unique, just like you! Every piece has another form or colour combination, so what you buy is always one of a kind. 

All jewelry is made by hand from start to finish in my own studio in Belgium.  

About Kara 

My name is Kara Kerkhofs, a belgian artist and craftswomen. 
My love for jewelry and crafts started as a little child. I really loved being creative, work with my hands and create my own little world.

After graduating high school I started studying dentistry and worked as a dentist for over 5 years. 

In 2018 I took a big, bold descision by following my heart and dreams by founding Kara Jewel Design. 
After following several workshops and educations I fell in love with the acient craft of enameling, so I bought my own kiln and started to create. 
Because I really believe in the importance of life time learning and inspiration, I'm now combining my own brand with learning through workshops and master classes.
Kara Kerkhofs is my playground, my unique way to express myself, to learn about myself, to grow,... 

Education | Workshops 

2019 Workhop enameling by Danni Schwaag at International Summer Academy – Trier University of Applied Science Campus Gemstones & Jewellery (D)

2019 Workshop enameling at Jewelry Box, Ertvelde

2019 Workshop granulation technique at Grietje Sieders, Den Haag (NL)

2018-2019 Goldsmith at CVO TNA Londenstraat, Antwerpen (B)

2017- 2019 Workshops goldsmithing at Do Collection, Eindhoven (NL)

2011-2017 Dentist, own dentist practice. 

2009-2011 KULeuven, master dentistry and oral health

2007-2009 KULeuven, Bachelor dentistry 



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