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Komorebi light object

Komorebi light object


Illuminate your space with the Komorebi Light Object, crafted from eco-friendly recycled translucent PETG. This captivating piece doubles as a decorative pot or as a decorative light fixture, casting a soft and inviting glow that enhances any room with its ethereal charm. Available in four colors (burnt amber, emerald, nautical blue, midsummer glow) and 2 sizes it effortlessly elevates your interior decor while paying hommage to the natural beauty of outdoors. 



- small: diameter 12,5cm, hoogte 8cm
- medium: diameter 19cm, hoogte 12cm

  • Delivery time

    All products are made on demand, this approach not only guarantees the highest quality, but also minimizes waste, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. 

    Delivery time approximitly 10 days. 

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